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  • Magicians Changing Chest by Mikame - Trick

    You've Heard the Hype it's an INSTANT Performable Collectors piece of magic! Mr. Mikame Himself manufactures from start to finish this marvel of magic! The Magicians Changing Chest will be coveted by Magicians Worldwide the...

    $207.00 $144.90

  • MC Appearing Table by Mikame - Trick

    A fantastic production Side Table that folds up and APPEARS from NO-WHERE!Even produce from inside your jacket!Folds up to 15 inches long, carry it in your close up case.Very Sturdy and perfectly balanced. Quick action...

    $223.00 $156.10

  • MC Auto Silk Changer by Mikame - Trick

    Each Item is Hand-Crafted by Mr. Mikame Himself and are Coveted by Magicians Worldwide!Used by the Pro's in Japan to Ex-Change one silk for another silk.Compact Hand Held Unit does all the work!Mikame has uniquely...

    $58.70 $41.09

  • MC Box (3 boxes) by Mikame - Trick

    M.C. Box has been created from an idea when researching to improve the construction of the Rattle Box. Many effects and routines can be performed with only this box, such as a coin in the box vanishes, penetrates,...

    $20,345.00 $14.24

  • MC Butterfly by Mikame - Trick

    A wooden butterfly is seen sitting in an attractive wooden stand. Two yellow colored silks are passed through each side of the wings of the butterfly. A third red silk is placed into the magician's...

    $106.25 $74.38

  • MC Casino Box by Mikame - Trick

    What an ingeniously, simple, but phenomenally deceptive principle! This is a strong effect on its own, or as supplement to any magic production. The performer shows a flat stained wood panel that has vividly colored...

    $170.40 $119.28

  • MC Color Vision by Mikame - Trick

    Wait until you see Mikame Craft's Color Vision made of exotic wood! Mikame has manufactured a piece of art you'll be glad you have. Show an exotic wood box and lid, also a cube with...

    $40.00 $28.00

  • MC Demonstration Table by Mikame - Trick

    To make a splendid magic performance, you have to prepare an adequate device to employ. Do you pay enough attention to your device when performing a close-up magic? Only when you take out a dirty...

    $605.00 $423.50

  • MC Drawer Box by Mikame - Trick

    This box has a wide range of applications. For example, pull out the drawer - flowers spring out, overflowing the drawer. Empty out the flowers and place a white silk into the drawer and close...

    $165.00 $144.38

  • MC Egg Bag by Mikame - Trick

    Mikame's Egg Bag isn't close to a standard Bag!First it is a drawstring style bag so you can find the secret pocket with ease!The cloth material is super soft and pliable for easy handling during...

    $25.00 $17.50

  • MC Egg Scarf by Mikame - Trick

    Freely display a gorgeous foulard, no funny moves. Have a spectator hold an egg on their out-stretched palm & lay the foulard over this egg. Now remove the foulard and the egg is GONE! The...

    $128.75 $90.12

  • MC Exotic Wand by Mikame - Trick

    Mikame Craft presents an Exotic Wand. Incredibly crafted with precision and beauty; smooth to the touch, and light as a feather. This wand is an amazing addition to your routine.Dimension: 14" length (35.56cm)

    $22.10 $15.47

  • MC Folding Table by Mikame - Trick

    Extremely high quality and designed with the performer in mind. Folds up into a square of just 18" x 5" for very easy transport. Two interior Shelves can be adjusted for height. Assemble or Disassemble...

    $408.00 $285.60

  • MC Light Table by Mikame - Trick

    A beautiful wooden table that is used during performance as a prop, then becomes a mind blowing effect. The magician covers the table with a Japanese foulard and both hands are shown to the audience.Magic...

    $451.00 $315.70

  • MC Performer Table by Mikame - Trick

    A stylish attache case becomes a table!All four legs can be stored inside the case.Light weight and very stable.Height x 80cmWidth x 46cmDepth x 40cmWeight x 4kg

    $385.00 $269.50

  • MC Photo Frame (No instructions)by Mikame - Trick

    This is a beautiful visual effect and a true collectors piece of apparatus as well. Mikame Craft of Japan is Quality beyond Quality, very impressively designed visual magic. Awesomely detailed in Mikame Craft world reknown...

    $161.00 $112.70

  • MC Production Chest by Mikame - Trick

    Production magic is one indispensable aspect of stage magic. But production magic involves difficulty to overcome 'How to steal the items?' So the invention of 'Box Magic' happened! Its easy to produce items from a...

    $306.90 $214.83

  • MC Sword Table by Mikame - Trick

    What a wonderful effect from Mikame that is both - impressive and beautiful. The magician blows up a balloon and throws the balloon into the air. Then, the magician takes the sword and impales the...

    $638.00 $446.60

  • MC Table Pro (No Instructions) by Mikame - Trick

    Beautifully crafted table by Mikame contains hidden features you can exploit on your next show. Perfect for all your performance needs.Includes side compartments.

    $836.00 $585.20

  • Mental Prediction Board by Mikame - Trick

    Manufactured in Japanese Oak hand screened pristine finish. A beautiful piece of magic apparatus, with Dry Erase Board built in for maximum deception. NO Resetting! Completely Mechanical! Size 11 1/4" ht. & 16 1/4" width...

    $218.50 $152.95